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The twenty-first century economy is the Knowledge Economy. Success will go to those who are leveraging expertise for value creation, marketspace and competitive edge; embracing new views about learning; and deploying strategic technology-enabled learning programs and learning management systems.

The Knowledge Economy places a premium on innovation, new business models and new ways of organizing work. e-Learning opens the door to a learning revolution that can create unprecedented opportunity, productivity and prosperity. Life-long learning is no longer considered a buzzword; it is quickly becoming an imperative.  Web 2.0 technologies enable new enabling modes of learning.

We recognize the growing need for a full-service consulting company with vision and expertise in all aspects of e-learning. Because our consultants combine up to-to-date understandings about business drivers of the Knowledge Economy with current research on e-learning and best practices, we are well-positioned to help our clients "sharpen the leading edge".

Learning Organizations are embracing new capabilities of Web 2.0 and new understandings about performance learning, and interactive technologies to assist in:

  • Deploying state-of-the art e-learning programs
  • Designing innovative learning environment
  • Aligning knowledge management strategies
  • Implementing performance support systems
  • Benchmarking global best practices