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We are recognized as an industry leader for our vision and expertise in all aspects of e-learning design, development, usability testing, implementation and evaluation. We are active members of training and learning associations and work actively to promote the elearning industry in education, corporate and government sectors. We monitor international best practices, learning theory research, and technological initiatives that impact on our industry.

  • We are invited to speak at major world conferences, and provide corporate sponsorship to regional, national and international events.

  • We are proud Charter Sponsors of the eLearning GuildTM ­a Community of Practice which provides high-quality learning opportunities, networking services, resources, publications and a Mentor Network.

  • Spectra Interactive Learning is working with other e-learning practitioners in Europe to promote the development of e-learning standards of competence by European Institute for E-Learning (EIFEL).

  • As a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium Inc, we are advocates of the development and promotion of the widespread adoption of standards that will allow distributed learning environments and content from multiple systems to "interoperate" in LMS and LCMSs.