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We are proud to have the leadership of Brenda Pfaus as President of Spectra Interactive Learning. She brings vision, over thirty years of learning design experience and an enviable reputation in the industry. Recognized as a pioneer and innovative leader in the field, she is an invited presenter at major international learning technology conferences.

Brenda has over 30 years of experience in learning design. She joined DVS Communications as Senior Instructional Designer in 1993. As Director of Instructional Design at Why Interactive, she developed expertise in all aspects of the New Media interactive learning industry: sales and marketing, strategic planning, front-end analysis, project planning, design, development, implementation and evaluation. She was instrumental in the successful design and development of the Learning Equation Mathematics project, the largest educational multimedia learning project in North America.

Brenda has experience on over 300 e-learning projects. She combines up-to-date understandings about business drivers of the "Knowledge Economy", with current research on learning and knowledge management for creative application of learning technologies.