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"eLearning revenues in the USA estimated to be worth $82 billion in 1998."
"There will be 350 million Internet users in the USA by 2003"
"eLearning is the target model for training in the next 3-5 years."
"eLearning will be a key survival skill for corporations and free agent learners ..."
"Spending on on-line training will triple next year"
"Chief Knowledge Officer or CLO is the new master of the universe"

10 Key Drivers in e-Learning Corporate Training

Technical obstacles to adoption are falling Lower development and maintance costs
User-friendly development tools
Hardware standardization
Telecommunications pervasive
Data streaming
Learning Management Systems
Penetration of the Internet Mobility
Ease of access
Increase in connectivity
Ability to deliver multimedia rich content
Market Consolidation Corporations, educational institutions and consumers are demanding more of learning providers.
Rising demand for integrated content, media rich delivery, and learning services are driving the market to consolidation through partnerships and acquisitions.
Traditional players trying to get on the scene
Training Paradigm is Shifting to Learning Paradigm Ownership of learning is going to learner
Knowledge Management is key driver
Learning Architectures
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Consumer drive for learning/knowledge/information
Emerging industry standards provide guidelines and benchmarks Quality Standards for Evaluating Multimedia and Online Training (McGraw-Hill)
IMS (Instructional Methodology Systems)
Dublin Core (Metadata)
Modes of delivery are blending Broadcast classroom (web cast)
Facilitated learning
Stand-alone online(www.yourmoney.com)
Increasing market of LMS (Learning Management Systems)
Move to electronic service delivery Digital expectations of consumers (N-Generation)
e-Commerce drivers: new business models
New breed of courseware providers (click2learn.com)
Development of learning portals (teachers.net YOUtopia.com)
Corporate University movement (educateu.com)
Lines between learning and work are blurring. www.ispi.org 99 seconds on line
eLearning is growing out of a "community of practice." www.facilitationfactory.com
The web is both synchronous and asynchronous with collaborative/ continuous learning environment Coached/Tutored or Expert-led
Peer-based group learning
Real-time chat and Bulletin boards