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Current educational research on the use of on-line technologies supports the development of on-line tools, which give learners numerous opportunities in autonomous, creative, and collaborative ways. In The Emerging Contribution of On-Line Resources and Tools to Classroom Learning and Teaching report, submitted to SchoolNet December 1998, as an update to the 1996 study, the researchers report the following emerging on-line trends with respect to the K/12-13 sector:   TOP 5 RESOURCES


Trend 1 Higher levels of control by learners are called for as classrooms are getting more on-line.
Trend 2 Learning situations become more realistic and authentic as classrooms are getting on-line.
Trend 3 On-line resources boost student interest and motivation in the classroom through a greater diversity of learning goals, projects, and outcomes.
Trend 4 The successful on-line classroom combines information technology with appropriate pedagogy.
Trend 5 The classroom is extended to on-line learning communities with the potential to support or even challenge the locally-established curriculum.
Trend 6 The education of educators is broadened to include just-in-time and/or collaborative learning.
Trend 7 Educators use on-line technology as a driving element of educational reform.

With respect to the post-secondary classroom, the following trends related to on-line learning were identified:

Trend 1 The emergence of a new mixed mode of learning: face-to-face and on-line learning activities.
Trend 2 Information access is more direct, interactive, and flexible.
Trend 3 Social interaction recovers its importance in the learning process.
Trend 4 The learning community, supported by networked technologies, is a new collaborative learning arrangement being tested in a great number of ways.
Trend 5 Computer resources are used to enlarge the notion of performance as regards teaching and learning on university campuses.
Trend 6 The university as an institution is invited to adapt its activity to new higher education needs.